Thursday, July 30, 2009


     Thanks to Averill on Ode... I discovered Polyvore. OMG, OMG, OMG! Remember Fashion Plates, the ultimate 70s toy that allowed you to design your own outfits? Well, I have found the digital equivalent, Polyvore! Behold below, my clickable collage of things one might currently find in my closet along with things I hope to add soon. With my Libran birthday approaching, I so hope Husband sees the totally sick diamond safety pin earrings! Meow!
     The first look, Pret-a-Porter Punk is for a night out on the town with friends. The middle look, Business Class, is a sweet Anna Sui long-sleeved number and the set on the right is entitled Glamour in the Afternoon: perfect for an evening event under the setting sun and rising stars. The Gibson guitar, is of course my favorite accessory and always in style! If you make a collage or an inspiration board, I totally want to see it!

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  1. Love the collage -- I adore a little rock 'n roll in my couture. ;)

    [And I totally remember fashion plates...and the song: "With Fashion Plates you can be a designer...".]

  2. Averill, if you have a little brother, he might have had the Monster Plates version. Sometimes I would interchange the rubbing plates and give my models tentacles and grotesque heads to go with their culottes!

  3. I warn you, you can become a Polyvore addict!

  4. SR2: good thing i'm convalescing on the couch today. plently of time to get hooked on it!

  5. i didn't know that if i made a new polyvore, the new one would kick out the prior creation. if you want to see my totally rad fashion plates experiment, please click upon the alice in wonderland collage above to be taken over to the slutty stuff!