Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fabulous Fifties Theme

I actually own this entire get up, and I have to say it has gotten tremendous use over the last few years. I wear it for school sock hops, Halloween, and I am planning a relative's 60th (shhhh) so I think I'll break it out then, too. Friends have even borrowed it for their costuming needs, and once I wore the shirt to go bowling. Now for the hipster party ideas!

Whenever I do a themed costume party, I like to leave some wardrobe props around for those who come as they are. Sometimes, more introverted cats like to be coaxed out once they arrive. At less than $5 a pop, these fun and funky cat's eye glasses will bring out the cougars in your guests, who will now fit in and look great in pictures! These would also be cute at each placesetting. I love to watch tables deconstruct as my guests interact with party favors, props and flowers.

Cutouts of the King are obligatory at Fabulous Fifties parties. Actually, I think cutouts are hilarious at any party. Luke Skywalker has made appearances at many of my son's parties, and Bono was floating around at my cousin's wedding. Photo-Ops are a great activity, and you can either take instant pictures, or save them to include with post-party correspondence (if gifts were given or donations were made).


  1. Love the cat eyeglasses. Also a great idea to have extra costume things around. It's amazing how many people show up at costume parties-even Halloween parties dressed in street clothes-party poopers. Having even eye masks around at a Halloween party for them to wear, they fit in more with the other dressed up guests. Cute post.

  2. Thanks Beth! Some of the funniest costumes I've seen have been put together once the party started!