Monday, July 20, 2009

Nautical Two: Seaside Parties in Paradise

     I happened upon a few more things for seaside-themed affairs, just in case you didn't get enough the other day. I'm sort of culling my resources, expecting an announcement sometime in the nebulous future from a certain Kitten on the West Coast.  I'm already in love with the Surfsand Resort out on Cannon Beach, so I know of a good venue... now to handle the really important details: party plans!
     Moreover, I was astounded by my unusual attraction to a magnificent starfish mirror I saw on House of Turquoise. I never really considered them to be elegant per se,  but I'm seeing a lot of ways to incorporate shells and sand dollars and starfish exoskeletons into a thematic concept without evoking smelly seafood restaurant decor of the 70's. Behold today's catch:

Don't waste money on a bunch of tchochkela for your tables. If you could see the discarded and forgotten party favors left strewn about at the end of an event, you'd be sick over the money wasted. And let's be honest, the world is a much better place without superfluous plastic crap. If seating cards are necessary at your party, try to combine form and function with your favors. Allow the place cards to double as little presents, perhaps by framing up a picture or a message. Keeping the table uncluttered is key.


  1. Oh I TOTALLY agree with you. I had never really seen the appeal of shells and whatnot until I saw that fantastic mirror. Now I'm hooked. And I love your finds here! Thanks for the link-love! :)