Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sail Away With Me: Nautical-Themed Party Ideas

Kittens, this post is really old! Many of the photos are no longer viewable. Your Kitty penned a fresh new one for you here. Get with the '12 darlings! XO 

     A nautical theme: perfect for destination weddings in the Caribbean, a bon voyage party for friends who cruise, a reunion at the lakehouse, your scuba diving partner's big birthday, a sweet sixteen...just add water and some of these objects de fra fra below for a shindig to remember!

Yes, kittens. Those are peppermint Lifesavers in the little boats(below). Seriously cute! Perfect for a little sailor's birthday bash!

The stainless torches (above) are a much better option than bamboo jobs (eeew), or their tackier cousins, citronella buckets. The photo doesn't really show the engraving option, but it can be done if you want.

"Please be Seeded!" I love it. Classy, contemporary and best of all, reusable. The guest can take the place card home, plop it in some dirt and grow a little something to remember the occasion.

It is especially important to take eco-friendliness into consideration when you are planning a party near waterways (if you're getting hitched on the beach or in a garden/park, there may be specific guidelines for what you can and cannot disperse during your event-you may not be allowed to blow bubbles or throw birdseed). Hello biodegradable confetti! Goodbye staining flower petals and bird-choking rice! The product (above) disappears when rinsed with water.

Since the splashy invitation (above) from tiny*prints is worded to your specifications, you could certainly use this as an invitation to any sort of nautical party: birthdays, pool parties, lake house invitations... see below


  1. Kitty-You really have a talent for this! These ideas are all fab-I especially love the little striped and polka dot boats with the lifesavers. Too cute!

  2. Thanks so much, oh Countess of Chinoiserie!