Friday, July 17, 2009

The Chinoiserie Wedding: Asian-Inspired Elegance

My Summer '09 To Do list was short, and I had the best intentions to do the following:
1.Learn Japanese. 
2. Go to the Dunes
3.Visit my friend kbesque in Chicago, hit both zoos and one day of Lollapalooza
4.Throw a party
Needless to say, summer is half-passed and I haven't done anything but the latter, and I'm doing it again in about 10 hours (yikes!).

What I have managed to accomplish is a bit of self-illumination. Now when someone asks, "What's your style, Kitty?" I can tell them I like Chinoiserie
Thanks to a sweet blog I discovered this spring, Chinoiserie Chic, I have learned the random Asian antiques, sake cups, kimonos, Buddhas, and koi koi everywhere in my home are actually a design choice called, "Chinoiserie," pronounced, "chin-wah-zee." Kittens, you simply must visit her blog if you like to look at beautiful things. 
Meantime, if you're planning a spring wedding or a party pertaining to Asian cultures or travel, have a look at these things to get your imagination primed!

Dig these fabulous fans (stick-handled, or festooned with ribbons) printed on both sides and used as programmes! I'm gaga over these little "double happiness" favor bags, too (see below)! They could be filled with scrumptious little treats, like the obligatory and ubiquitous but always delicious Jordan almonds, or even fancy tea.

Looking for the perfect gift for hipster bridesmaids and groomsmen? Sake sets! Paired with a nice bottle, these $20 sake sets (below) are sure to 
be a hit!

Traditional Double Happiness Cake Toppers
Cherry blossoms piped onto fondant icing(above). The cake topper translates to "Double happiness," an auspicious Chinese blessing. This modern, Zen-ny cake would be off the chain for any bride lucky enough to be getting married during Hanami (cherry blossom season, usually late March - early April). If you're in Portland, Oregon (or Washington DC for that matter), run-don't-walk down to wherever you need to go to reserve your venue during this beautiful time of spring. Your pictures will be gizzzorgeous and you'll have the most original fete ever, I promise!

Asian Brocade Snap Purse (Set Of 12)

It's a party favor! It's a place card holder! It's a little snappy coin purse when the party is over! The trifecta: fun, functional and likely to be reused instead of chucked away!

Pass out paper parasols to guests at your garden wedding and/or hang them (interspersed with some sort of chandelier) throughout your outdoor tent for instant elegance. Seriously, tulle and twinkle lights are sooo tired!


  1. Kitty-This is wonderful. What a beautiful and creative post. I have done a post on it and added you to both my blogrolls. Thanks so much for the mention of Chinoiserie Chic. It is much appreciated.

  2. Kitty, I LOVE this post. The fans would be such a great item for a Southern wedding - it is SO hot down here! A classic twist on a common problem.

  3. Thanks, kittens. You know, it gets rather hot in the middle of Indiana in the summer, but I never gave much thought to how much of a problem heat + crowd+ceremony could be in the South! Now that you mention it, the program/fans are rather brilliant: two birds! xoxo