Thursday, July 30, 2009


     Thanks to Averill on Ode... I discovered Polyvore. OMG, OMG, OMG! Remember Fashion Plates, the ultimate 70s toy that allowed you to design your own outfits? Well, I have found the digital equivalent, Polyvore! Behold below, my clickable collage of things one might currently find in my closet along with things I hope to add soon. With my Libran birthday approaching, I so hope Husband sees the totally sick diamond safety pin earrings! Meow!
     The first look, Pret-a-Porter Punk is for a night out on the town with friends. The middle look, Business Class, is a sweet Anna Sui long-sleeved number and the set on the right is entitled Glamour in the Afternoon: perfect for an evening event under the setting sun and rising stars. The Gibson guitar, is of course my favorite accessory and always in style! If you make a collage or an inspiration board, I totally want to see it!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recycled Glass Centerpieces

Recently, I noticed a fellow blogger's idea to reuse wine bottles as table centerpieces at her wedding (which I believe is slated to take place at a vineyard). A few days later, I saw light fixtures made from green bottles in the Fall 09 Pottery Barn catalog. Then I happened upon these adorable little candles made to look like corks and the whole Bacchanalian thing kind of came together. Thanks, Eco-Yogini!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fabulous Fifties Theme

I actually own this entire get up, and I have to say it has gotten tremendous use over the last few years. I wear it for school sock hops, Halloween, and I am planning a relative's 60th (shhhh) so I think I'll break it out then, too. Friends have even borrowed it for their costuming needs, and once I wore the shirt to go bowling. Now for the hipster party ideas!

Whenever I do a themed costume party, I like to leave some wardrobe props around for those who come as they are. Sometimes, more introverted cats like to be coaxed out once they arrive. At less than $5 a pop, these fun and funky cat's eye glasses will bring out the cougars in your guests, who will now fit in and look great in pictures! These would also be cute at each placesetting. I love to watch tables deconstruct as my guests interact with party favors, props and flowers.

Cutouts of the King are obligatory at Fabulous Fifties parties. Actually, I think cutouts are hilarious at any party. Luke Skywalker has made appearances at many of my son's parties, and Bono was floating around at my cousin's wedding. Photo-Ops are a great activity, and you can either take instant pictures, or save them to include with post-party correspondence (if gifts were given or donations were made).

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hippie Chick Chic Party Ideas

Love these colorful felt favor bags!

Hippies love yoga. I just hope my girlfriends aren't disappointed I didn't have these monogrammed yoga mat bags for them at my wedding! I guess there's always Bebe's future fete! I do think, however, I will get a few of these to give to my favorite yoga friends for the holidays!

One for the Deadheads: little terrapins for your tables!

Cute little butterfly & lotus placecards impregnated with seeds can be planted for wildflowers rather than discarded!

These lucky bamboo plants are natural, eco-friendly and so Zen!

Why not just put a photo of yourself on a bottle of Jones Soda?!? They're affordable, colorful and sure to be used and recycled or kept forever! A truly useful party favor!

Hip, modern, and slightly psychedelic!

Like so many of Pear Tree's invitations, this photo card below is printed on recycled paper!

Colorful placecard holders can display a photo after the party!

Chinoiserie Party Accents Part Two

The cute red guy (above) is not the "historic" Buddha, and therefore might not be necessarily suitable for a religious event. Buddhist baby shower yes. Rehearsal dinner, sure. Formal dinner: I wouldn't. Ho-Tei is more of a mythic monk who reminds of us of future happiness. That's why he is rubbed for luck. 
Below, my very own Hotei, who migrates from room to room in our home. At Christmas, he stands beneath the tree. Sometimes, he is a high centerpiece decked with daisies or candied fruit, or a gazing prop in my yoga class. Right now, he hangs out at the top of the stairs, waiting to be of service.

My friend Bebe grew up in Hong Kong. She still returns from time to time, bringing back suitcases full of fabulous things. The sandalwood folding fan (above) reminds me of such loot; there are scads of them lying around her house. With each cooling flick of the wrist, one gets a waft of subtle sandalwood: an elegant form of aromatherapy if I do say so myself!
Sanity Fair mentioned fans are necessary in outdoor events, especially in the South. For my kittens in sweltering climes, I submit these elegant authenticators of Asian contexts. These would bring a cool touch to any affair, and they're substantial enough to serve as party favors. I might consider changing out the skimpy tassel for something more substantial, or even remove it altogether.

I hope you can discern the bamboo links subtly printed in the colored band of this invitation. Perfect for the lover of Chinoiserie who wants an understated effect without the usual cherry blossoms! Then there's this unexpected totally hip little number below:

Perfect for a house-warming party in a Zen-like environment! More masculine Chinoiserie than bright toile or heavily embroidered brocade, let this Sushi invitation set the tone for a totally hip party! Now would be a good time to break out your golden Hotei!

Nautical Two: Seaside Parties in Paradise

     I happened upon a few more things for seaside-themed affairs, just in case you didn't get enough the other day. I'm sort of culling my resources, expecting an announcement sometime in the nebulous future from a certain Kitten on the West Coast.  I'm already in love with the Surfsand Resort out on Cannon Beach, so I know of a good venue... now to handle the really important details: party plans!
     Moreover, I was astounded by my unusual attraction to a magnificent starfish mirror I saw on House of Turquoise. I never really considered them to be elegant per se,  but I'm seeing a lot of ways to incorporate shells and sand dollars and starfish exoskeletons into a thematic concept without evoking smelly seafood restaurant decor of the 70's. Behold today's catch:

Don't waste money on a bunch of tchochkela for your tables. If you could see the discarded and forgotten party favors left strewn about at the end of an event, you'd be sick over the money wasted. And let's be honest, the world is a much better place without superfluous plastic crap. If seating cards are necessary at your party, try to combine form and function with your favors. Allow the place cards to double as little presents, perhaps by framing up a picture or a message. Keeping the table uncluttered is key.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sail Away With Me: Nautical-Themed Party Ideas

Kittens, this post is really old! Many of the photos are no longer viewable. Your Kitty penned a fresh new one for you here. Get with the '12 darlings! XO 

     A nautical theme: perfect for destination weddings in the Caribbean, a bon voyage party for friends who cruise, a reunion at the lakehouse, your scuba diving partner's big birthday, a sweet sixteen...just add water and some of these objects de fra fra below for a shindig to remember!

Yes, kittens. Those are peppermint Lifesavers in the little boats(below). Seriously cute! Perfect for a little sailor's birthday bash!

The stainless torches (above) are a much better option than bamboo jobs (eeew), or their tackier cousins, citronella buckets. The photo doesn't really show the engraving option, but it can be done if you want.

"Please be Seeded!" I love it. Classy, contemporary and best of all, reusable. The guest can take the place card home, plop it in some dirt and grow a little something to remember the occasion.

It is especially important to take eco-friendliness into consideration when you are planning a party near waterways (if you're getting hitched on the beach or in a garden/park, there may be specific guidelines for what you can and cannot disperse during your event-you may not be allowed to blow bubbles or throw birdseed). Hello biodegradable confetti! Goodbye staining flower petals and bird-choking rice! The product (above) disappears when rinsed with water.

Since the splashy invitation (above) from tiny*prints is worded to your specifications, you could certainly use this as an invitation to any sort of nautical party: birthdays, pool parties, lake house invitations... see below