Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Inviting Alice to Christmas

As promised, I'm posting my newly redesigned Alice in Wonderland Christmas Trees. For the last several years, I've done an Alice tree with glass hearts, golden keys, little mushrooms and a collection of resin ornaments (of indeterminate provenience). This year, however, I discovered the wonderland that is Ebay, and scored some delightful Polonaise pieces.
     The new ornaments include Alice herself (who is very pretty but arrived broken-curses!), the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Red Queen. Once they arrived, I knew they needed their own place without their resinous counterparts (which are cute but not nearly as interesting). They were given pride of place on my tallest spiral topiary, and the old collection was moved to a smaller bush across the room with blue and silver pieces. Now there are two Alice trees to complete my Winter Wonderland! I'm actually working on a third as well! My newest quest is for the perfect fabric roses.
     Unlike so many of my blog friends, I'm not much of a photographer so I know you'll forgive my less than perfect pictures. I haven't finished the dining room completely, but I'll be displaying little vignettes containing other pieces from my Alice collection to create a whimsical holiday scene sure to enchant all the children in my family from now until January. Please feel free to throw in your ideas, or tell everyone about how yooouuu roll at Christmastime! Oodles of Toodles, Your Kitty.

My brother and my nephew think these ornaments, especially the Hatter are "creepy."

I had to tuck Alice and her flamingo into the tree strategically; the bottom of her dress broke in transit. Apparently, I'll just have to deal with it and spend the rest of my life looking to replace this lone piece of the set. Bollocks!

The Red Queen of Hearts is my favorite; this old girl is bigger than my palm.

The blue and silver Alice tree with my old resin ornaments.

These Alices feature a tiny, glittery red bottle. I love the way she falls off the branch with her dress billowing as if she's headed down the rabbit hole!

I haven't found a perfect Cheshire Cat yet, so I'll leave you with this mysterious grin for now. Meow!

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