Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Horror Movie Screening

Finally! Fall is here on October 1st and I can jaw about Halloween ad infinitum without fear of reprisal from all the short-wearing hangers-on, trying to squeeze the last smidgen of summer out of the year when all I can do is dream of November when my natural pallor returns and I can get out my galoshes and gear up for a blustery season of gloomy weather in Indiana. Sweet!
So there I was today, picking up some tights and a table cloth at a local department store (oh yes, and several packages of socks for the boys - a little something I like to call Clean Laundry Day). I thought I'd have a glance over near the decorative items when I rounded the corner smack into an island of Christmas trees. That's how it begins on September 30th: with two or three inconspicuous trees and some low-level holiday music. They'll add to it day by day until it creeps over the back half of the store like an invasive species with flashing lights and plastic noise making thingys.... I haven't even re-Ugged my UGGs yet, and these bastards are bugging with the holiday crap. It makes me feel rushed. I just want to enjoy Halloween first, and so we shall!

So I'm thinking of screening horror movies at my Halloween party. Horror movies and perhaps Weird Science. Please write in and tell me what you think would be cool projected onto a large wall (interior or exterior)! My favorites would be Children of the Corn and Nightmare on Elm Street, but I was terrified by The Birds when I was little, and I think it would be perfectly creepy outside!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

1970s Halloween Gear

Just in case you're invited to or are throwing a 70s Halloween party:

Why buy costume pieces when you can have the real thing? Save money and the environment by shopping at a vintage clothing store or your local thrift outlet. Groovy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An unexpected sort of cat costume

"I've found my Halloween 2009 Get-up!
Princess Leia can now officially retire. I'll just be myself! I'll probably replace the top with something in plain pink, but the boots really epitomize this kooky look!
What are youuuuuuu going to be this year?" Oodles of Toodles, Kitty

~various sizes, prices and vendors available on Ebay.~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Party Part 4

     I'm amazed by the amount of interest garnered in Shindigs & Soirees' coverage of Alice in Wonderland entertaining. Queries come in from all over the place, and I am heartened to know imagination lives on in gagillions of other girls who favor adventure to princess parties and riddles to rhinestones! Whether you want to create a Wonderland for children or adults, Kitty has you covered! Don't lose your head!
What is an Alice in Wonderland Party without an Alice? With Wonderland popularity on the rise, it's getting easier and easier to create Carroll's characters (see the Alice shop below for numerous options and costume links).

If you have a Wonderland wedding in mind, how adorable would a flower girl be in a handmade, elaborate Alice dress?!?

The Victorian-era illustration at the top of this post depicts everyone with head adornments. Even the little knave wears some sort of heart-shaped headband, and Alice's giant bow is so haute this season! Why use regular party hats when you can provide an array of fabulousness for boys and girls alike! Throw in some daisy chain headbands, bunny ears and jaunty tophats and you've got one curious, curious tea party!
Recently, I was jawing with a dear friend who ground-scored some giant lawn-sized chess pieces for a medieval knight's party she's setting off over the holidays. I thought they would be equally amazing at a Wonderland party. As we brainstormed our imaginary Alice party for you, she said she would make each table's centerpiece different in some way to add vibrant color to the room. When she ran out of chess pieces, we thought of the Queen's croquet Flamingoes, a giant pocketwatch, a mushroom, a tea cup, roses and topiaries... the list went on and on. The gigantic Kings and Queens would be awesome on the lawn of your venue or beside the party's entry!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mad Men themed Party Part 2

As promised, more ideas for you who are gaga over Mad Men! Within a few minutes of any episode of the hip drama, the viewer realizes mad Manhattan in the early sixties was rather gin-soaked and swirling in a haze of cigarette smoke. Ah the good old days... drinking alcohol was much more ritualized. One could smoke openly with coworkers and in-laws. It's bizarre to see social norms so strikingly different, and yet nostalgic at the same time. Forget about the plot line; I'm focused first on the set design and second on the anthropology of it all!
I found this amazing autumnal recipe for cocktails to tide you over while I continue the hunt for my grandmother's vintage, vintage, vintage cookbooks! Cheers, compliments of Dumbwit Tellher!

Cranberry Cranium Martinis:

Regional Favors, Cake and Centerpiece Ideas

While I'm scouring the web for exciting new party favors and ideas for you, I sometimes think of what modern products I might use today in place of what I had at my own wedding 13 years ago. Enter the cake bags:

You see, kittens, I was not the sort of girl who dreamed of expressing herself through the medium of wedding planning. I had not particularly thought about the necessary elements, nor did Hubbs and I have vast amounts of capital to invest in a lavish party, and my main concern was getting to California for a totally bitchen' honeymoon.
My grandmother, however, had different ideas. There were certain touches I must have, such as custom printed napkins and cake bags. The bags are used to package up leftover wedding cake for people who want to take some home. Or whatever. I probably still have 250 left, and I'll just have to save them for our 20th anniversary.
If I were getting married today, I'm not sure I would have such a large cake that I would end up with so much leftover. In fact, I would recycle the best centerpiece idea I've ever had (used at my brother-in-law's wedding several years ago): Centerpieces = Small (6-8 servings) Wedding Cake Replicas. The bride and groom cut the largest cake, which is for themselves and the wedding party, then they come around to each table to chat and cut cake for all the guests. If I did that, there would be no need for leftover bags. That said, however, such bags might be handy if my party favors were cookies.
Of course, if I were getting married today, my grandma would still be coming to the party (86 and still rockin'), and she'd be disappointed not to have the sacks (in the Region the word is "bag;" about 50 miles south of Lake County it morphs into "sack"). That being the case, I would definitely use the recycled paper option pictured above.
Seeing said cake bags on the web is testament to the fact I am not the only bride who had to have these, but I have yet to see this Calumet Region practice done in Indianapolis -- and we're only about 200 miles away. An anthropologist at heart, I'm always interested to see what other small touches are incorporated into weddings across America. Please write in and tell me what you've seen, and whether or not cake bags are big in your neck of the woods!

Another recycled paper option: boxes. Oh, how I love little present boxes at a place setting! If you are excited by beautiful ribbons and papers, be sure to visit A Gift Wrapped Life to see the most gorgeous gifts ever wrapped.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Roaring 20s Party

If you've read my Mad Men post, you already know I love period parties. Among my favorite eras are the 50s, 70s, and 80s, but the ultimate in kittytastic alternate celebratory/hedonistic universes would have to be the Roaring 20s. I'm already daydreaming of about 5 dresses and headpieces I could pull out from my closets right now! Go read The Great Gatsby or watch Chicago. I've embedded some sweet Flapper footage to get you started!

A 20s theme lends itself to any occasion involving liquor and dancing. I also like specific period parties for Halloween because of the dressing up that is invariably involved. In my experience, many guests like to be given costume parameters (I am, of course, never one of those people, since my costume collection takes up way too much space).
Your 20s party can take place on a vast lawn beneath striped tents, as Gatsby himself would have thrown in West Egg. Perhaps you prefer the allure of a clandestine speakeasy, or a ballroom with Art Deco flair. Another version of a 20s party (more near and dear to my heart) is a Chicago theme. Whether you're thinking of the movie and stage productions, or you're envisioning your own little Windy City jazz club, it will be a night to remember!

The photo above actually advertises a monogrammed runner (click it if you want details), but the locale could easily be West Egg! Very East Coast indeed! I love the vignette, sans the tulle of course. I personally feel tulle is completely played, and it only schmutzes up this beautiful view. Love the runner, though! As in other swanky environments, all fabric items should display one's initials.

I've mentioned these blingy tealight holders before, but they're perfect for a 20s-style wedding. Shiny and sparkly is always en vogue!

Letter K Alphabet Cufflinks

If I were invited to attend one of Jay Gatsby's soirees, I would have the good manners to present him with these cufflinks before drinking his contraband champagne and showing everyone my bloomers!

How amazing would these mini brownie pops look on your desert table?!? The white one is beaded to represent a wedding gown, but I think it looks like a Flapper's headpiece. Gorgeous touch for the Gatsby wedding!

Hold onto your headbands, kittens. I have the most sublime Gatsbyesque invitation for your very elegant 20s party... I couldn't get all of the shots on here, so please do click the pic so you can see this masterpiece of haute paperie when it's assembled!

Some Flapper Accessories to Rock Your Look:

Black & Silver Stevie Reproduction Flapper Dress - S to XL

Champagne Dropped Waist 1920's Flapper Style Dress - XS to XL

Glamourous Sequin Flapper Cigarette Holder

Black Charleston Feather Flapper Headband
To see more Flapper fashions, head over to Unique Vintage to see their entire incredible collection of period dresses! Off the chain, yet totally affordable!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Perfect Fall Wedding Invitations

Perfect Stationery for Fall Weddings and Events

Never before has treehugging been so elegant!

A good matching invitation for the rehearsal dinner

And, of course, a few little fra fras for the party:

I might repackage or at least replace the tag with something more personal, but I think these openers are an elegant little favor for a fall affair or wine tasting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Biodegradable Barware

How cool is this?!? Compostable plastic barware - use as many damn cups as you want because they will break down and truly be disposed! American bon vivants and mothers of toddlers everywhere, rejoice and be absolved of your plastic guilt. Made from eco-friendly, odorless and tasteless corn plastic.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Modern Baby Shower Planning

There is nothing I love more than a baby shower; it's my favorite kind of party. Though most of my girlfriends are just beyond this stage, there was a time a few years ago when I got invited to baby showers at least once a month. Shopping for baby clothes (especially the really tiny ones) trumps handbags any day in my opinion! Below, I've gathered a few things to inspire you in case you're lucky enough to be throwing a baby shower soon! Some of these items are new takes on old ideas; perhaps my favorite thing is the Spudware.
As always, think sustainably. No one needs a bunch of plastic crap. I actually saw umbrella-shaped tape measures, alluding to that horrible game where a mean mother-in-law actually measures the mother-to-be's belly then has the guests guess the circumference. Don't even think about it! Instead, provide favors that will be eaten, planted, or lit on a special day (personally, I feel no shower is complete without baby powder-scented candles). I have captioned these items just for you!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Personalized Pop Bottles for Parties

You don’t have to get the leader of the Free World on your pop. You can get your dog, or your kid, or your band or your kitty or your prizewinning drawing - whatever you want on your personalized Jones Soda labels!

We like the Jones because it’s in a glass bottle (fun, recyclable, non-leaching container) and it’s not made with sheisty corn syrup (instead, pure cane sugar, baby) and the flavors are apparently “sick” and “bangin,” according to some 10 year old boys I recently polled.

Surprise your favorite person with his/her own custom sodas at your next party! Perfect favors for your graduation party next spring! A huge hit with the ‘tweeners! We guzzle Jones soda by the case at my house since I'll never quit drinking pop, but my new mantra is “No plastic or aluminum cans EVER!” - Kitty Dearest.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Hallow's Eve Wedding Ideas

  • You could screen snippets of Bram Stoker's Dracula mixed in with photography montages of the bride and groom.
  • Hire Zombies to reenact Michael Jackson's Thriller. Or just splice it in to the aforementioned visual presentation
  • Lighting is key. I think an elegant Gothic, sensual, environment would be fabulous at an All Hallow's Eve wedding.Go watch a few episodes of The Osbournes; think of Ozzy and Sharon's parlour and entryway. Things should be volumnuous, velvety, and lit dramatically.
  • Centerpieces can be monogrammed jack-o-lanterns juxtaposed with gilded leaves (just go visit Martha Stewart's every text on the subject). Make larger versions for the creepy cemetery urns that will dot the room at eye level.
  • Have a Halloween wedding, but don't be married to an orange and black color scheme. I saw these banners below and started thinking how marvelous...