Friday, September 4, 2009

Personalized Pop Bottles for Parties

You don’t have to get the leader of the Free World on your pop. You can get your dog, or your kid, or your band or your kitty or your prizewinning drawing - whatever you want on your personalized Jones Soda labels!

We like the Jones because it’s in a glass bottle (fun, recyclable, non-leaching container) and it’s not made with sheisty corn syrup (instead, pure cane sugar, baby) and the flavors are apparently “sick” and “bangin,” according to some 10 year old boys I recently polled.

Surprise your favorite person with his/her own custom sodas at your next party! Perfect favors for your graduation party next spring! A huge hit with the ‘tweeners! We guzzle Jones soda by the case at my house since I'll never quit drinking pop, but my new mantra is “No plastic or aluminum cans EVER!” - Kitty Dearest.


  1. Mari: me too. Your boys would love it... I'm putting my dogs dressed in Halloween costumes on the bottles I will give to the neighborhood kids during trick-or-treat. I put them on customized M&Ms for my son's 10th birthday and he absolutely loved it! Thanks for coming by!