Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Horror Movie Screening

Finally! Fall is here on October 1st and I can jaw about Halloween ad infinitum without fear of reprisal from all the short-wearing hangers-on, trying to squeeze the last smidgen of summer out of the year when all I can do is dream of November when my natural pallor returns and I can get out my galoshes and gear up for a blustery season of gloomy weather in Indiana. Sweet!
So there I was today, picking up some tights and a table cloth at a local department store (oh yes, and several packages of socks for the boys - a little something I like to call Clean Laundry Day). I thought I'd have a glance over near the decorative items when I rounded the corner smack into an island of Christmas trees. That's how it begins on September 30th: with two or three inconspicuous trees and some low-level holiday music. They'll add to it day by day until it creeps over the back half of the store like an invasive species with flashing lights and plastic noise making thingys.... I haven't even re-Ugged my UGGs yet, and these bastards are bugging with the holiday crap. It makes me feel rushed. I just want to enjoy Halloween first, and so we shall!

So I'm thinking of screening horror movies at my Halloween party. Horror movies and perhaps Weird Science. Please write in and tell me what you think would be cool projected onto a large wall (interior or exterior)! My favorites would be Children of the Corn and Nightmare on Elm Street, but I was terrified by The Birds when I was little, and I think it would be perfectly creepy outside!


  1. I still think the scariest movie ever is The Exorcist. Also love the really old monster movies -- Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.

  2. I'm thinking of Gene Wilder in Bride of Frankenstein now that you mentioned the old school monsters!

  3. I love Halloween. What about Little Shop of Horrors-the 1986 version with Rick Moranis-not really scary or Halloween, but fabulous with great music. I did a duet of "Somewhere That's Green" last night, so I thought of it, but I love that movie!

  4. Little Shop of Horrors! Never crossed my mind. You are brilliant! Hubbs loves that one too. When he's a little hungry (as opposed to hangry), he always tells me, "Feed me, Seymour!" Thanks Beth!