Monday, September 14, 2009

Roaring 20s Party

If you've read my Mad Men post, you already know I love period parties. Among my favorite eras are the 50s, 70s, and 80s, but the ultimate in kittytastic alternate celebratory/hedonistic universes would have to be the Roaring 20s. I'm already daydreaming of about 5 dresses and headpieces I could pull out from my closets right now! Go read The Great Gatsby or watch Chicago. I've embedded some sweet Flapper footage to get you started!

A 20s theme lends itself to any occasion involving liquor and dancing. I also like specific period parties for Halloween because of the dressing up that is invariably involved. In my experience, many guests like to be given costume parameters (I am, of course, never one of those people, since my costume collection takes up way too much space).
Your 20s party can take place on a vast lawn beneath striped tents, as Gatsby himself would have thrown in West Egg. Perhaps you prefer the allure of a clandestine speakeasy, or a ballroom with Art Deco flair. Another version of a 20s party (more near and dear to my heart) is a Chicago theme. Whether you're thinking of the movie and stage productions, or you're envisioning your own little Windy City jazz club, it will be a night to remember!

The photo above actually advertises a monogrammed runner (click it if you want details), but the locale could easily be West Egg! Very East Coast indeed! I love the vignette, sans the tulle of course. I personally feel tulle is completely played, and it only schmutzes up this beautiful view. Love the runner, though! As in other swanky environments, all fabric items should display one's initials.

I've mentioned these blingy tealight holders before, but they're perfect for a 20s-style wedding. Shiny and sparkly is always en vogue!

Letter K Alphabet Cufflinks

If I were invited to attend one of Jay Gatsby's soirees, I would have the good manners to present him with these cufflinks before drinking his contraband champagne and showing everyone my bloomers!

How amazing would these mini brownie pops look on your desert table?!? The white one is beaded to represent a wedding gown, but I think it looks like a Flapper's headpiece. Gorgeous touch for the Gatsby wedding!

Hold onto your headbands, kittens. I have the most sublime Gatsbyesque invitation for your very elegant 20s party... I couldn't get all of the shots on here, so please do click the pic so you can see this masterpiece of haute paperie when it's assembled!

Some Flapper Accessories to Rock Your Look:

Black & Silver Stevie Reproduction Flapper Dress - S to XL

Champagne Dropped Waist 1920's Flapper Style Dress - XS to XL

Glamourous Sequin Flapper Cigarette Holder

Black Charleston Feather Flapper Headband
To see more Flapper fashions, head over to Unique Vintage to see their entire incredible collection of period dresses! Off the chain, yet totally affordable!


  1. oh man.. i love the 20's, actually went to a place in downtown LA, this weekend, very 20's called the edison, love the decor and the girls working there with their flopper dresses... wish i had a time machine, just for a quick visit to the gatsby house :)

  2. marinik: if you get your flux capacitator working, i'd love to hitch a ride in your time machine so we could do the charleston together! xo

  3. I would always go to costume parties as a flapper because I love looking glamorous and not ridiculous. Those pops are too cute!

  4. Beth: who could blame you?!? Have you ever seen the Halloween room at the Biltmore?