Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Party Part 4

     I'm amazed by the amount of interest garnered in Shindigs & Soirees' coverage of Alice in Wonderland entertaining. Queries come in from all over the place, and I am heartened to know imagination lives on in gagillions of other girls who favor adventure to princess parties and riddles to rhinestones! Whether you want to create a Wonderland for children or adults, Kitty has you covered! Don't lose your head!
What is an Alice in Wonderland Party without an Alice? With Wonderland popularity on the rise, it's getting easier and easier to create Carroll's characters (see the Alice shop below for numerous options and costume links).

If you have a Wonderland wedding in mind, how adorable would a flower girl be in a handmade, elaborate Alice dress?!?

The Victorian-era illustration at the top of this post depicts everyone with head adornments. Even the little knave wears some sort of heart-shaped headband, and Alice's giant bow is so haute this season! Why use regular party hats when you can provide an array of fabulousness for boys and girls alike! Throw in some daisy chain headbands, bunny ears and jaunty tophats and you've got one curious, curious tea party!
Recently, I was jawing with a dear friend who ground-scored some giant lawn-sized chess pieces for a medieval knight's party she's setting off over the holidays. I thought they would be equally amazing at a Wonderland party. As we brainstormed our imaginary Alice party for you, she said she would make each table's centerpiece different in some way to add vibrant color to the room. When she ran out of chess pieces, we thought of the Queen's croquet Flamingoes, a giant pocketwatch, a mushroom, a tea cup, roses and topiaries... the list went on and on. The gigantic Kings and Queens would be awesome on the lawn of your venue or beside the party's entry!

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