Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mad Men themed Party Part 2

As promised, more ideas for you who are gaga over Mad Men! Within a few minutes of any episode of the hip drama, the viewer realizes mad Manhattan in the early sixties was rather gin-soaked and swirling in a haze of cigarette smoke. Ah the good old days... drinking alcohol was much more ritualized. One could smoke openly with coworkers and in-laws. It's bizarre to see social norms so strikingly different, and yet nostalgic at the same time. Forget about the plot line; I'm focused first on the set design and second on the anthropology of it all!
I found this amazing autumnal recipe for cocktails to tide you over while I continue the hunt for my grandmother's vintage, vintage, vintage cookbooks! Cheers, compliments of Dumbwit Tellher!

Cranberry Cranium Martinis:


  1. Thanks to Deb for this recipe. Mad Men reminds me of my parents' swank dinner parties with everyone drinking martinis and old fashioneds, smoking cigarettes, and sitting around the grand piano singing standards.