Monday, April 26, 2010

A nice touch of remembrance for a wedding

Kittens, it's been too long! I've been remiss in posting on this blog, as I haven't been in a celebratory mood for the last few months. My sister-in-law got engaged recently, and charged me with the task of finding a very special bit of embroidery for her gown. We lost her father a few years ago, and she wanted a private remembrance of him during the ceremony. Because his totem animal was the owl, she wants an elegantly embroidered owl for the inside of her dress. How sweet is that - and she isn't even a Chi-O (but I am)! I found several great options on Etsy. Here are some other things I am posting for her - and for him, may he rest in peace!

Had to include this one; the groom is Thai.

Brushed Metal Monogram Cake Toppers

And this one, since it's in her initials. You kittens know I'm gaga for monograms!

Seriously, how cute are these little soaps?!?

This eight-inch tall chocolate owl will be an amazing centerpiece at a shower or elsewhere!