Sunday, October 4, 2009

You Totally Have Time to Plan a Halloween Party

You Totally Have Time to Plan a Halloween Party!
10 tips for a successful soiree:

1. Find some invitations & get them in the mail ASAP (preferably by the 10th to 13th-ish).

I love tiny*prints; their quality is amazing, and the selection is enormous. Many of their choices are eco-friendly, and they recently began selling a "studio" line which is less expensive. Whereas they used to make you order a minimum of 25, you can now get just a few if need be.

2. Determine a budget and stick to it. Party expenses, like hamsters, tend to multiply when left unchecked. Don't go to the party store with vague ideas; you'll end up getting a bunch of crap you won't end up using and that's just a big fat waste of time and money.

3. Make a list (and check it three times every day until the day after the event) of food and activities, then figure out how many and which serving pieces you'll need. Please see my previous posts regarding biodegradable/sustainable plates, cups and flatware.

4. Unless small children are going to be present, consider serving drinks in actual glassware. Brown bottled root beers are soooo autumnal! Rather than offering multitudinous beverage choices, consider one or two types of communal witches brews, served in creepy cauldrons or a spooky punch bowl. You'll save yourself the work of sorting and hauling all the recyclables afterwards!

5. One trick I use when entertaining at home is to actually lay the table the night before, as well as the serving area. I note which food will go into which dishes, so I'm not faced with any unpleasant surprises. I put candlesticks in the freezer overnight; this stops them from dripping all over the place.

6. Designate recycling tubs and put the trash nearby. Make it easy for guests to party sustainably.

7. Leave a few rolls of recycled paper towels on the counter in your kitchen. That way, guests can clean up their own minor disasters without bothering you and feeling embarrassed.
You might include a liter of club soda nearby for spills.

8. Heap some old costumes, props and masks somewhere in case guests arrive without festive attire. They can help themselves to the pile.

9. Polaroids or instant digital photos always, especially on Halloween!

10. The day before is also a great day to round up ice. I prefer to make my own, since my freezer water is filtered. If I start bagging it a day or two in advance, I have plenty.


  1. Kitty your tips are wonderful (and hilarious)! If only I were in town this year for Halloween, I'd definitely be throwing a party (after all, how often is Halloween on a Saturday?) and putting these ideas to good use.

    That said, I think I'll be throwing a holiday party/new house party this year and most of would translate for that as well!

  2. You are so clever Kitty. I love that your ideas always incorporate green living. Your suggestions are fabulous, especially love the polaroid idea. What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

  3. Averill, I thought my iphone posted a response to your comment the other day. I think what I had said was that if my home was as beautiful and pristine as yours, nobody would be partying here! Thanks for coming by! xo

  4. DT thanks so much for your support! I think I shall be a Cheshire cat this year! And you?

  5. Such wonderful ideas. You really know how to make life fun-such a great gift.

  6. And you, Style Redux, now how to make life fabulous! xo

  7. You have to visit NOLA! You would love it. I may do a post next week on the historic French Quarter. There are so many plantation homes on the river, all with in an hour or two of NOLA - I'm sad I only got to 2. You should plan several days to do them all!