Friday, October 30, 2009

Natural Halloween Outdoor Decorating

 Photo by Matthew Benson for Country Living

     Plastic wrappers, flammable streamers and polyester spider webs: all the traditional trappings of outdoor Halloween decor. Couple these with off-gassing PVC masks and costumes and fog machines, and you've got one horrible mess of toxicity melting down. Consider the All Hallow's Eve hangover of a trashpile on November 1st. The items that frightened and delighted your trick or treaters will haunt us forever in the landfill! That's pretty scary!
     The photo above from Country Living showcases the most perfect, eco-friendly vignette I've ever seen. By using natural materials that can be composted (or heaped for next year's crops of pumpkins, gourds and squashes), you will avoid rampant consumerism and have a more tasteful display.
     I particularly like the candles in Kerr jars with candy corn to stabilize. After Halloween, you can take the spooky bits out of your decorations to have something to tide you over till after Thanksgiving when the big guns come out!


  1. great ideas, hope all is well kitty :)

  2. hi marinik!thanks for coming by!

  3. Kitty-Such great ideas. I use beautiful heirloom pumpkins and don't carve them. That way, they look great through Thanksgiving.

  4. SR2: I like how you frequently have sugared fruits sitting around in your tablescapes! I myself have some sparkly mini pumpkins rocking the mantelpiece right now! xo kitty