Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Halloween Treat Ever

A friend asked, "Do you ever wonder about candy from China?" I try to minimize my consumption of Chinese products (it's really, really hard) because I try to maximize my American purchases. My mother-in-law is very strict about candy and toys not being from China because of lead content and the pet food scare a few years ago. Fine by me. That means my Easter baskets and Christmas stockings are loaded with domestic chocolate.
Behind in my blogging, I just found this adorable Halloween banner this evening. You totally have time to have some of these delivered in time for your favorite trick-or-treaters. They're fun to make and fun to give. I am actually going to click over and get some for my nephews as well as some of the NFL varieties to give to my son's football coaches as a thank you. Go Jets!

Make any event special with personalized MY M&M’S®

*Note: (Wed) I don't know what happened to the super cute orange and black banner I had posted; here yesterday and gone today. If you click on the ad, it will take you over to M&Ms, and you can see the Halloween variety there. Thanks, Kitty.*


  1. Oh goodness - I tried a "China fast" a few years back and it was insanely hard. If not impossible. What a wake up call.
    What are your favorite domestic chocolates?

  2. Hello Sanity Fair, thanks for coming by! I have to admit I've never met a Snickers bar I didn't like, but I am also partial to Milky Way Midnights as well. I like Dove dark chocolate, and there is a brand called "Endangered Species" made by my sister in law's friend right here in Indy that is very good.

  3. yum, cute!


  4. elledee: thanks for popping by! xo kitty