Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fancy Folded Napkins

     When I was an undergraduate, I worked in the catering department of a large, old hotel. We had to do ornamental napkin presentations practically every day. Given I spent most of my breaks on the back loading dock, er, hanging out with a bunch of townies, I don't remember how to do any of the fancy folds other than sticking a napkin in a wine glass like this:

     It's not a bad technique in a pinch, but if you really want to set a table to impress, it's easy to learn the more intricate folds. I found this simple tutorial when I was looking for odd-sized table linens. I can never seem to find a tablecloth that's wide enough to fit my dining room table. I dread having to drag out the Singer to make one myself; how I hate sewing curved hems!


  1. I lOvE that link to folding techniques. My mom use to always fold cloth napkins in the most stylish of ways. She taught my youngest daughter many of her tips, so Em loves to get fancy & set a stylish table. Good memories for my children, boys & girls.

    I too cannot find good round tablecloths. As for sewing rounded hems..makes me dizzy!! Great post Kitty. Happy November to you xx

  2. Thanks DT - tablecloth widths for my oval (with the leaf in) are my problem! Everything comes up short!

  3. I love beautifully folded cloth napkins. I tend to use really pretty placemats because you are right about finding tablecloths.

  4. SR2: My grandmother had nice linens. She used them, then covered the table with glass. If I can't find tablecloths to fit, I can't imagine the enormous sheet I would need or where I would get it - Hubbs says at a glass glazer, to the tune of about a gagillion dollars!

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