Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Costumes - Really?

These fabulous finds are for Averill's amusement, but I hope everyone thinks they're as weird as I do. She hates Thanksgiving decorations! Pilgrim costumes? Really? Really?!? Please write in if you have seen this done at Thanksgiving dinner! Or tell us about your favorite Thanksgiving moment gone wrong!
Womens Pilgrim Costume
"Coming up on Stage Number 4, it's Hester Prynne!"

Deluxe Men's Indian Costume

Deluxe Women's Indian Costume
I don't have any clever taglines for these coupla hot messes. Do you?


  1. Yuck! As a direct descendent of Pilgrims myself, I take offense to that first outfit in particular (though lord knows those Native American outfits-turned-pjs are probably more offensive to the general populace).

    By the way, you HAVE to check out this horribly offensive Thanksgiving headgear, courtesy of Nonnie Bear:

  2. O-M-G. Everyone, please click on Averill's link. I'm thinking of putting a ticket under one plate. Whomever sits at that place gets to sport this Lady Gaga Thanksgiving hot mess! xo kitty

  3. Being from D.C. with our politically incorrect football team name, I'm going with the tagline "Hail to the Redskins." (our fight song)

  4. Well, as you probably know, Indy is home to the world famous Colts, but I don't know what the hell the tagline is for them. I put my fantasy team together judging solely by looks, since the only sport I care about is whatever my son is playing at the time! Thanks for coming by, SR2!