Monday, July 20, 2009

Hippie Chick Chic Party Ideas

Love these colorful felt favor bags!

Hippies love yoga. I just hope my girlfriends aren't disappointed I didn't have these monogrammed yoga mat bags for them at my wedding! I guess there's always Bebe's future fete! I do think, however, I will get a few of these to give to my favorite yoga friends for the holidays!

One for the Deadheads: little terrapins for your tables!

Cute little butterfly & lotus placecards impregnated with seeds can be planted for wildflowers rather than discarded!

These lucky bamboo plants are natural, eco-friendly and so Zen!

Why not just put a photo of yourself on a bottle of Jones Soda?!? They're affordable, colorful and sure to be used and recycled or kept forever! A truly useful party favor!

Hip, modern, and slightly psychedelic!

Like so many of Pear Tree's invitations, this photo card below is printed on recycled paper!

Colorful placecard holders can display a photo after the party!


  1. haha, I also love the monogrammed yoga mat bag idea! since I only have one bridesmaid, this would actually fit in my budget... OR I could make my own yoga mat bag and have it monogrammed FOR HER.

    FUN :)