Monday, July 20, 2009

Chinoiserie Party Accents Part Two

The cute red guy (above) is not the "historic" Buddha, and therefore might not be necessarily suitable for a religious event. Buddhist baby shower yes. Rehearsal dinner, sure. Formal dinner: I wouldn't. Ho-Tei is more of a mythic monk who reminds of us of future happiness. That's why he is rubbed for luck. 
Below, my very own Hotei, who migrates from room to room in our home. At Christmas, he stands beneath the tree. Sometimes, he is a high centerpiece decked with daisies or candied fruit, or a gazing prop in my yoga class. Right now, he hangs out at the top of the stairs, waiting to be of service.

My friend Bebe grew up in Hong Kong. She still returns from time to time, bringing back suitcases full of fabulous things. The sandalwood folding fan (above) reminds me of such loot; there are scads of them lying around her house. With each cooling flick of the wrist, one gets a waft of subtle sandalwood: an elegant form of aromatherapy if I do say so myself!
Sanity Fair mentioned fans are necessary in outdoor events, especially in the South. For my kittens in sweltering climes, I submit these elegant authenticators of Asian contexts. These would bring a cool touch to any affair, and they're substantial enough to serve as party favors. I might consider changing out the skimpy tassel for something more substantial, or even remove it altogether.

I hope you can discern the bamboo links subtly printed in the colored band of this invitation. Perfect for the lover of Chinoiserie who wants an understated effect without the usual cherry blossoms! Then there's this unexpected totally hip little number below:

Perfect for a house-warming party in a Zen-like environment! More masculine Chinoiserie than bright toile or heavily embroidered brocade, let this Sushi invitation set the tone for a totally hip party! Now would be a good time to break out your golden Hotei!


  1. These invitations are wonderful and I love the idea of the fans-I am so going to use that idea! Sanity Fair is a favorite blog of mine.

  2. I love these invitations and your blog is great. I'm going to send the link to my newly-engaged sister -- it will give her a ton of great ideas!

  3. Style Redux 2: I swear my girlfriend has enough of the fans to supply a whole wedding! They really do smell heavenly! Your post today on calligraphy brushes made me think how cool it would be to incorporate them at an artist's Chinoiserie party (perhaps this year for my husband's birthday)!

  4. Averill, Thanks for popping in today! I hope I can inspire your sister! What does she like?