Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recycled Glass Centerpieces

Recently, I noticed a fellow blogger's idea to reuse wine bottles as table centerpieces at her wedding (which I believe is slated to take place at a vineyard). A few days later, I saw light fixtures made from green bottles in the Fall 09 Pottery Barn catalog. Then I happened upon these adorable little candles made to look like corks and the whole Bacchanalian thing kind of came together. Thanks, Eco-Yogini!


  1. Hi Kitty!!
    I LOVE the light fixtures- so fun!
    I'm glad that I inspired you, thank you very much for the shout out :)
    what a fun blog, I'll be checking it out some more :)

  2. Very clever-I love the idea of these for a wine tasting room.

  3. Love that chandelier! It would be great fun in a more informal dining room.

  4. OMG a wine tasting room!!! the ultimate! Isn't it awesome!!! Averill & Beth, thanks for coming by today!