Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Party

*please note, this is only the first Alice post; please browse Aug and Sept. 09 posts for more coverage of this very popular topic!*
Alice in Wonderland is the first book I ever remember reading. A child of the 70s, I was naturally acquainted with the psychedelic Disney version of the classic Victorian Age tome. I became intimately more enchanted with the film much later, in college, ahem... but my favorite rendition to this day remains the stage production I saw sometime before 1980 in some Chicago theatre (possibly THE Chicago theatre).
Alice has inspired so many things I've created, from derivative skits, to my own wedding, and even a collection of ornaments and porcelain doodads and such. She shows up in my dreams, on my Christmas tree, and on my pages. She has certainly made many appearances at parties! It is her absurd and fanciful journey through the looking glass that fuels my love of Victorian gardens, red heart motifs, and tea parties. Herewith, I present you with inspiration for your own Wonderland. Click on my rad Polyvore collage above, or peruse the party favors below!
First, I'll delineate several icons of Alice's world that can serve as inspirational jumping points to get you brainstorming. Think gardens. English gardens: topiaries and formalities such as roses. Daisies, yes, but mainly red and white roses ("We're painting the roses red/Who's been painting my roses red"). This setting lends itself to girly tea parties, showers, rush parties, and that sort of thing. Croquet and crumpets, perhaps a nice ladylike game of cards.
Now red hearts and black spades for the Pack of Cards that tends the Queen's garden. There are wonderful illustrations in the free domain since this story is so old. A simple Google will pull up Victorian Mad Hatters, frantic rabbits, and menacing caterpillars you can use as clip art or whatever. Sub-icons may include doors & keyholes, pocket watches, and mushrooms. Bottles labeled, "Drink Me" and cookies proclaiming, "Eat me."
Although an Alice in Wonderland birthday tea party (or Un-birthday party) would be beautiful in the garden for a little girl, I know this isn't a theme tangible or beloved by all. Of course with Tim Burton's version coming out in 2010, I'm sure a whole new generation of dreamers and daydreamers will get hip to this classic tale.


  1. I love the miniature topiaries -- too cute! And I can't wait to see Tim Burton's version of the's such a perfect fit that I can't believe it was made years ago.

  2. Averill: We had topiaries at our wedding, giant ones flanking the head table and minatures we made ourselves that sat on the tables. It was a crazy thing to do, painting all those tiny pots and rolling the little balls in moss. They were finished just in time, and we had a bit of a favor making sweat shop in my apartment. The best part was watching my husband and his friends scramble to get them put together! These ready made little darlings are much better and worth their weight in gold since they're ready-made! Thanks for coming over! xo kitty.

  3. I love Alice in Wonderland-so exited about the new movie. I just hope it's dark and not in the Wonka mode.