Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Halloween Party Ideas 2

Halloween parties are not for stuffiness. Children and Hubbs could care less whether your party is Stewartized. If your guests are particularly young, standing cut-outs are easy, recyclable/reusable decor options. For children, Halloween is a character party, and as such, they love to see their favorite Jedi, princess, robot guys. Stand-ups are always a hit, providing decoration and props for photos. My favorite shots of my friends always are taken on Halloween (or in Vegas), and stand-up characters help to bring otherwise shy people into action. It's hilarious.
Herewith, some good ones I have found.

Lock, Shock, & Barrel Cutout

Great for the really little kids

There's nothing 6-10 year old boys like better than a Jedi

Disney's Cars - Fillmore Cutout


  1. So cute-I love Beauty and the Beast.

  2. SR: We're Star Wars fans, ourselves. I can't tell you how many times the classic Luke Skywalker has startled me when someone has moved him into a different place. It kind of never gets old, but this is life with boys!