Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have You Thought About Halloween Yet?!?

Finally: something to wear with last season's gladiator shoes:

Just kidding!

Of course, this is my kitten outfit that I wear whilst writing up these posts:

Our Halloween parties are family friendly, but I might be able to get away with this without fishnets plus tights and a black wig ... maybe.

Alright, enough with the costumes. Now, I have mentioned my loathing for party games; I absolutely abhor them. Children, however, aren't too keen on conversation so they have to be kept busy at a party. You'll want to give them plenty of active choices unless you want them running amok. Bobbing for apples? Are you kidding me? Hellz no. That's just an invitation for all kinds of germy grossness! Not interested in Swine Flu or Meningitis or cold sores.
Instead, how about a treasure hunt? Little pumpkin containers can be stuffed with pennies, stickers, spider rings and fangs. Hide them like you would Easter Eggs, or perhaps allow all of the children to hunt for their own labelled favor bags. This will kill plenty of time. Then you can have a little costume parade.
Although I have my niece and nephews over to carve pumpkins, it's a hot mess (see our creations at the top). Instead of carving when we have a Halloween party, we paint and glitter small pumpkins and gourds at the beginning of the event, and they are dry by the end of the party.
Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I will be posting little bits for the next 6 weeks or so to get you ready. Meanwhile, I have to find matching Star Trek costumes for myself and my son; we've been everything from ninjas, to Star Wars characters to Peter Pan & Tinkerbell. What are you going to be this year?


  1. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Seriously favorite time of year. I'm perenially a witch, but sometimes I vary it up a bit and play a sorceress or (one time in law school) a dominatrix (complete with whip!). I love the excuse to wear black and some heavy metal.... ;)

    Btw, have you seen Martha Stewart's new line of Halloween stuff? So fun!

  2. Averill: I love that you dress up! I haven't checked it out, so thanks. Of course I hoarded all her older pubs for Halloween, so I can always refer and recreate! I dream of getting a few miles farther into the country so I can do some of her outdoor stuff. My favorite MS feature is always pumpkin carving. She made crazy little lanterns out of turnips, and drilled numerous holes and lit a pumpkin with little white lights, making a dotty star effect. I tried it, but mine looked sad.

  3. What a fun blog. Love your party ideas. I'll be back! :)

  4. Dee Dee, thanks for coming by!

  5. I love Halloween. Second only to Christmas for decorating. I play dress up 365 days a year-LOL. I did the turnips as luminaries-a lot of work, but cute. Halloween is huge in my neighborhood-big parade, party, then trick or treating-parents get their cocktails refilled as they go trick or treating with the kids.

  6. Sounds like a ball. I will continue to post Halloween photos from my neck of the woods as well as recipes and other ideas! Thanks SR2!