Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Halloween Invitations

I think this year, I'll use the "Houses" invitation with the "Elegant labels." With Halloween being on a Saturday, we'll have trick-or-treaters and lots of neighbors around. With owls being so trendy lately, there are plenty of options below for Chi-Os and other fans!

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  1. Kitty-These are all so cute. I love Halloween. Thanks for all these great ideas.

  2. Too cute. I'm thinking about having a Halloween/New House party and I am loving some of these; thinking about doing a haunted house theme (seems appropriate with all these boxes lurking about...). :)

  3. SR2: I'm probably going to get the street scene invitation. Reminds me of my neighborhood, similar to yours with all the Halloween action!

    Averill: You should totally have an All Hallow's Eve Housewarming! We had one once; it was a ball!