Monday, August 3, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Party Part 2

     There is so much in the way of Alice-esque stuff. Recently, I was perusing Urban Outfitters and I saw some crazy Wonderland glassware. Naturally, I ordered it. Enjoy this sequel to my first post on a Wonderland party. Hopefully, you'll find some ideas here that will prompt you to bring your next afternoon gathering into the garden for tea!

I can't decide which place card holder I love more: the tiny chairs or the little teapot. At a truly mad tea party, I suppose I could use them both! And then I saw this wacky little set, looking rather Hatter indeed:

I've posted these favor bags already (see Hippy Chic), but if your party is more brightly colored (a la the Disney version), these would be perfect - so much nicer than cellophane or plastic. A Wonderland party is great for little girls who like stories but aren't into the whole princess thing!

Alice had a locket, and so should your guest(s) of honor! At under $37, this sterling silver locket is a perfect, memorable party gift that will be even more special if you have it inscribed. It even holds 2 pictures (I'm not ashamed to admit I have my two beloved Bostons inside my favorite locket). Below, more of a splurge version (just under $3000) of a Victorian locket:

If your party is only inspired by Alice, and your brainstorms morph into an afternoon garden tea, the card below is subtle, feminine and timelessly classic.

Jumbo Cup

I love huge teacups. They lend a surreal bit of kookiness to your tea party!

Cheshire Cat Figurine by Lenox

I am NOT a collector of figurines, but how cute would this be on top of your little Alice's cake?

*Just wanted to add, after I put this post together, I clicked on one of the cakes in my original post's collage. It took me to this blog, specifically devoted to Alice in Wonderland weddings. she's got some beautiful pictures of Mad Hatter cakes. What Wonderland soiree is complete without petit fours and fancy cookies proclaiming, "Eat Me!"


  1. It's amazing how much Alice in Wonderland stuff you can find, Kitty!

  2. Great pic's. I would love to have the place card holders. What a really fun idea!!

  3. unfortunately for me, there was no internet when i was planning my wedding, so i didn't get to do all these wonderful wonderland things!thanks for coming by ladies! xo kitty

  4. Just love the tiny chairs-too cute!

  5. Such an eclectic group of fabulousness on your blog! I can hardly wait for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'. Have you seen the trailer for it? Wow! Thanks for stopping by Kitty. Nice to meet you.

  6. Catherine: I've not seen the trailer, but I have looked at a few's to hoping it blows my mind! xo k

  7. Where did you find the chestchire cat?

  8. hi cconstant: if you click on the cheshire cat photo, it will take you to its page at disney. i believe it is a lenox piece. thanks for checking in! xo kitty