Saturday, August 31, 2013

Find or Become a Green Wedding Planner

     Green weddings are as gorgeous as "conventional weddings," but without the waste. Sustainable celebrating saves money as well as the environment! According to Green Bride Guide, "70% of engaged couples are seeking green alternatives" when planning their weddings. I fell in love with this site; everything you need to know is in one place. If you and your honey want to register sustainably, purchase eco-chic invitations or favors, or just get ideas for your own fabulous wedding, this place is for you! 
     One thing about this company that makes me want to MEOW is the sheer creativity involved. It's easy to do what everyone else does, but it takes forethought and a bit of innovation to find green options whilst planning parties sustainably. This website isn't just hawking stuff; it offers real solutions. For example, transportation. Each wedding requires getting at least the bride and groom to and from the venue. Add in attendants and family, and logistics get expensive and carbon-heavy. Green Bride Guide's blog suggests unique alternatives to make the day memorable as well as eco-friendly. Bye-bye expensive, limo. You're so overpriced and downright played out!
     Perfect for florists, aspiring planners, or current professionals seeking continuing education, also offers a Green Wedding Professional Certification course online. The course is led by environmental attorney and Green Bride Guide CEO Kate L. Harrison

In this course, you will:
  • Learn the definition of a green wedding and its place in the history of the environmental movement
  • Gain an understanding of the huge environmental impacts of wedding planning
  • Study the importance of environmental certifications and the dangers of greenwashing (your Kitty is loving this salient point!)
  • Explore eco-friendly solutions to wasteful planning practices
  • Connect with companies in your area to build a reliable network of local green vendors
  • Discover ten easy steps you can take to green your event planning business
  • Learn techniques for incorporating the green message into your marketing

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