Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ideas for an Alice in Wonderland Party

     I've mentioned the Pinterest, but kittens, I tell you this new social medium keeps me up all night! Blissfully insomniant over Spring Break, and staying up until the break of dawn, I can't stop! From beneath my covers with my trusty iPhone last night, I found all of these wonderful ideas. Enjoy!
     Shindigs & Soirees' Pinterest address is: http://pinterest.com/dakinikelly/kitty-s-shindigs-soirees/. You may also access my other boards from this link, but I must forewarn: they are full of horror, gore and snarkiness!

Update: It seems the photos for this post have disappeared. Please access my Pinterest (linked above) to get your Alice on! Much Love, kitty.

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