Saturday, April 9, 2011

Real Soda in Glass Bottles Great for Parties

     Your Kitty recently discovered Real Soda, a brand which distributes vintage and microbrewed sodas like Frosty, Cheerwine, and my personal favorite, Rat Bastard Root Beer. With over 1400 flavors, there is surely something that will bring the extra pop to your party! These are currently sourced by Real Soda Midwest,  and may be found this spring at your local Ace Hardware or Do It Best center.
     Real Soda is only available in glass bottles, which is why Kitty loves it so much. As you kittens know, we are very dark on plastic. If a beverage stored in a plastic bottle becomes heated over 78 degrees (certainly probable in a warm car or outside on a hot day), plastic begins to leach into the drink. This not only adulterates the taste, but floods your body with icky chems you don't want to ingest!

Several funny flavors and energy drinks are available.

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