Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bring The Bling: Cake toppers for modern brides

     Leave it to Beau-coup to break out the best wedding cake topper ever! Also perfect for an engagement party cake since it features the bride’s diamond ring. Better yet, why not show up at your sisterfriend's engagement party with this fabulous frafra! Try not to steal the show!

     If bling is your thing, don't worry kitten. You won’t have to use your spinster cousin’s Precious Moments figurines on top of your hipster cake creation, nor will you endure pasty rosettes or hideoderous silk flowers. Instead, you can have this shiny and original ornament that will keep well in a flat scrapbook or memory box. It makes even the simplest of cakes look fabulous!

    Beau-Coup can also hook you up with similar metal toppers depicting dancing couples or even gorgeous devotional symbols to decorate religious cakes! Click the photo above to see more designs!

     These unique silver plated diamond tea light holders (above) will make every wedding reception table shine. Also perfect for diamond (60th) anniversaries and engagement parties, princess-themed parties or even corporate events revolving around a “diamond” theme. Click the photo to get more information.

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  1. PS I forgot to add, I'm totally into orange right now....you?