Friday, December 30, 2011

In case your Christmas cards and holiday newsletters didn't quite make it to the mail...

Dearest Kittens,
     It's the eve of the Eve, and perhaps you find yourself in these last stretches of the holiday season feeling remiss for not sending your correspondence. Never fear, Kitty is here with some options for late winter and early spring.
     I am one to send valentines rather than holiday cards. It gives me a chance to write a personal note to everyone and it's a nice surprise for relatives and friends to get a gorgeously retouched photo of me * and the most angelic child ever born. What a way to chase away the winter drearies!

* In this coming year, let's all make a pact not to take or post any ugly pictures. If you can't use Photoshop or do some creative cropping, then don't post that picture of yourself looking glamkitty meow meow if your BFF has some weird double chin thing going on. Take one for the team, kittens, and practice kindness when playing with photos on the Facebooks.

If your girls had a Ni Hao, Kai-lan holiday, why not adapt this birthday card to say thank you for all the fun gifts?
Birthday Party Invitations Ni Hao, Kai-lan: Sunny Laughter - Front : Blush
Nickelodeon Invitations & Cards from Tiny Prints

I also love this one, ambiguously titled, "Winter Wishes." Use all of your holiday pictures in a collage. These go over well with grandparents and others who can't get enough of your little darlings (please, please let your little darlings be Pugs...).
Tri-Fold Holiday Cards Loving Laughter - Front : Red Lantern
A little something for those kittens who unwrapped an engagement ring this year and will be in need of Hip, Modern, Exclusive Wedding Invitations!
Signature White Photo Engagement Party Invitations Diamond Dream - Front : Black

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