Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alice's Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

    Perfect for your winter extravaganza, no matter the occasion. A Winter Wonderland wedding is such a great theme, but this idea really lends itself to any elegant, whimsical occasion from December through February. I'd even consider it for a children's charity function! Of course,  I'm always looking for the perfect way to squeeze in an Alice party!

I realize I've shown these to you before, but I just love them. Imagine the way the light will bounce off of them!

Silver Beaded Place Card Frame

Form and Function. Every kittytastic shindig has a seating chart. I know, it's very Red Queen of me, but I want everyone to be perfectly matched for ultimate enjoyment at my tables.

Big fan of the monogram. If you are as well, take a look at Cathe Holden's website, Just Something I Made. Holden fashions typography you just can't believe!

Excellent, inexpensive Winter Wonderland favors or prizes.

Another cute, inexpensive option!

I've never met a cookie I didn't like!

Perfect for a shower; under $6.00, you can give each guest an adorable little gift. Put a little note inside. Very Alice!

I can't help being a little preoccupied with table topiaries! We had them at our own wedding about a bagillion years ago. Sometimes I'll be at an Auntie's or a friends, and see one of them tucked into a china cabinet or hoarded in a little drawer. Your florist should be able to point you in the right direction for renting large, or in our case, giant topiaries should you take this one all the way.


  1. Those cookies and miniature chair name holders are too adorable! Such a lovely selection of pretty products!

  2. So adorable-I love the miniature chairs and the topiaries especially.

  3. Thanks Green Lashes. I want to get it all, but my Alice collection is beginning to take over the whole house!

  4. SR2: I have a thing for little chairs; I used to have a bunch of them, but I seem to have lost them in the last move. Bummer.